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Paola Mejia 1160

'Experiencias de gestion adaptativa de sistemas de areas protegidas en Latino America: Integracion entre escalas y efectividad en conservacion'

Paola Mejia
Kerry Pereira 2428

A Call for the Protection of Endangered Mangrove Horseshoe Crab Habitat in Singapore

Kerry Pereira
Emma Doyle 2002

A Capacity Building Partnership for Increased MPA Management Effectiveness in the Caribbean

Emma Doyle
Rebecca Spindler 1335

A Living Bank for the Great Barrier Reef

Rebecca Spindler
Keith Martin 913

A Practical Strategy to Tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade: Using Ivory and Rhino Horn As Case Examples

Keith Martin
Konrad Wypychowski 709

Active conservation of waterfowl and waders in the Warta Mouth National Park through improvement of habitat conditions of their breeding, feeding, roosting and wintering sites. Wetlands Work Wonders

Konrad Wypychowski
Katherine Secoy 1981

Advances in technology for management and monitoring of protected areas

Katherine Secoy
Lance Morgan 2100

Advancing a New Model for Marine Protected Areas - The Global Ocean Refuge System

Lance Morgan
Marcos Coutinho 1343

Alternative strategies to achieve conservation goals in distinct Brazilian ecosystems

Marcos Coutinho
Muhammad Zaheer Khan 1870

An Overview of Protected Areas of Pakistan and their Status

Muhammad Zaheer Khan
Sarah Elmeligi 144

Balancing grizzly bear habitat needs and recreational access in Protected Areas: visitor perspectives of grizzly bear management in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Heritage Area

Sarah Elmeligi
Jonathan Barnard 1789

Beyond Protected Areas: Hutan Harapan & Ecosystem Restoration Concessions As A New Approach to Forest Management in Indonesia.

Jonathan Barnard
Kate Fitzherbert 1484

Biodiversity conservation through sustainable regional communities

Kate Fitzherbert
Doug Humann 119

Capacity development through training, education and research: A new collaboration for Australia, South-East Asia and Oceania

Doug Humann
Michael Dine 1350

Case Study of a Viet Nam / Lao PDR Trans Boundary Protected Area Conservation Initiative

Michael Dine
George Shillinger 2323

Case Study to Demonstrate How Protected Areas Benefit Critically Endangered Leatherback Turtles and Other Highly Migratory Marine Taxa

George Shillinger
Hemanta Raj Mishra 672

Chitwan Shall Live!

Hemanta Raj Mishra
Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina 2122


Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina
Kellie Leigh 1295

Combining scientific innovation with community engagement, to detect and protect biodiversity

Kellie Leigh
Philippa Walsh 780

Connectivity Conservation in Gondwana Link: Putting Theory into Practice in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot

Philippa Walsh
David Gulko 588

CRCSI MPA Enforcement Field Investigation Training: A International Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Agency Approach

David Gulko
Rajiv Bhartari 1504

Cut Root Stock Method for Lantana Eradication in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Rajiv Bhartari
Rossana Merizalde 82

Desarrollo Sostenible en Patrimonio Natural? Caso Bolivia

Rossana Merizalde
Vivek Saxena 1359

Eco-Sensitive Zones around Protected Areas: An Innovative Approach Towards Reaching Conservation Goals Through Delineation of Shock Absorbers for Species Conservation and Habitat Improvement

Vivek Saxena
Juan Carlos Valdivieso 1036

Efficient Management Capacity Evaluation in Protected Areas

Juan Carlos Valdivieso
Ana Laura Barillas Gómez 2140

El Fondo para Áreas Naturales Protegidas y su Contribución a las Metas Aichi

Ana Laura Barillas Gómez
Nancy Lopez De Viles 2648

El Santuario de Flora y Fauna Galeras y su Apuesta con el Manejo al Interior del Santuario y el Ordenamiento de la Zona con Función Amortiguadora

Nancy Lopez De Viles
Todd Dudley 1196

Establishing and Maintaining A Nature Conservation Culture in North East Tasmania Through Landscape Scale Cross Tenure Ecological Restoration

Todd Dudley
Lisa Ford, Jo Day 1410

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wildlife Corridors in A Peri-urban Landscape

Lisa Ford, Jo Day
Helen Sharpe 54

Expanding the toolbox: A collaborative approach to protecting an iconic species in New Zealand

Helen Sharpe
Rossana Berrini 2527

Fauna y Flora de los Bosques de Uruguay

Rossana Berrini
Bruce Jefferies 419

Field-based Capacity Building for the Sustainable Management of Marine, Coastal and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Pacific Island Countries

Bruce Jefferies
Patricia Erfurt-Cooper 2225

Geotourism: An Approach to raise Awareness about the Protection of Geodiversity and How to Achieve Conservation Goals through the Sustainable Use of Natural and Cultural Resources

Patricia Erfurt-Cooper
Steve Meacher 2486

Great Forests National Park

Steve Meacher
Andrzej Raj 967

Holistic approach to the nature conservation at ecosystem, species and gene levels in the Karkonosze National Park - A practical example

Andrzej Raj
Babu Ram Lamichhane 763

How far are we to double tigers by 2022 in Nepal: Periodic assessment of tiger and preybase populations and other tiger conservation initiatives

Babu Ram Lamichhane
Axel Hochkirch 1953

How good is the coverage of Protected Areas for Invertebrate Conservation?

Axel Hochkirch
Jonathan Baillie 2115

Incorporating Phylogenetic Diversity and Evolutionary History into the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas

Jonathan Baillie
Randal Storey 1518

Informing connectivity conservation in Australia’s fragmented landscapes

Randal Storey
María Lucía Bartesaghi Villardino 1922

Integracion entre escalas en la planificacion y gestion del Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas de Uruguay

María Lucía Bartesaghi Villardino
Kun Shi 1593

Integrating Scientific Research and Conservation Practice for Felid Conservation in China's Protected Areas

Kun Shi
Konrad Wypychowski 1614

Invasion of alien predators and protection of water and marsh birds in five national parks in Poland

Konrad Wypychowski
Weidong Ma 2643

Kunlun National Park, Reaching Conservational Goal - A Vision of Hope

Weidong Ma
Brigitte Kapinga Saida 2447

La RD Congo et les défis de la conservation de la riche biodiversité dans un vaste réseau des aires protégées en période de paix et de conflits armés: leçons apprises et perspectives'

Brigitte Kapinga Saida
Anne-Claire Goarant 1284

les stratégies régionales et le sréseaux en matière d'aires protégées dans le pacifique, rôle de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Anne-Claire Goarant
Rafael Hidalgo 1775

Más allá de Aichi: Las áreas protegidas y la conservación de la biodiversidad y de los servicios de los ecosistemas en un planeta crecientemente antropizado. Una visión desde España

Rafael Hidalgo
Graeme Elliott 760

Mast-timed predator control for protection of New Zealand birds

Graeme Elliott
Jorge Ahumada 2591

Measuring biodiversity outcomes through the Wildlife Picture Index: the Earth Insights partnership

Jorge Ahumada
Luis Tito De Morais 808

More and More Marine Protected Areas!

Luis Tito De Morais
Fiona Llewellyn 1976

No-take Marine Protected Areas: Who's Counting?

Fiona Llewellyn
Andrew Page 959

NSW Marine Parks Deliver on Biodiversity Conservation

Andrew Page
Tiwonge Mzumara 2165

Partnerships for the improvement of research and monitoring in Protected Areas: A case study of three PA's in Malawi

Tiwonge Mzumara
Moises Grimberg 1157

Planes de Conservación de Especies de Flora y Fauna Amenazada: Evolución, impactos y desafíos

Moises Grimberg
Martina Di Fonzo 628

Prioritizing Management Effort for Threatened Species Conservation in Protected Areas

Martina Di Fonzo
Alan White 873

Progress towards the development and implementation of the Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System (CTMPAS) within the six-country Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security

Alan White
Lorenzo J. De Rosenzweig 2169

Public-Private Partnerships and Public Use of Protected Areas

Lorenzo J. De Rosenzweig
David Shevill 769

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service planned burn guidelines: a tool to enhance fire management at a bioregional scale.

David Shevill
Reuben de Kock 956

Reaching Conservation Goals by the training of the Field Ranger in Nature Conservation

Reuben de Kock
Robert Helie 725

Reporting on Protected Areas: the Canadian Experience and the Challenge of Tracking Aichi Target 11 Goals.

Robert Helie
Thea Carroll 1856

Rhino Conservation Successes and Challenges - A South African Perspective

Thea Carroll
Chris Galliers 2351

Role of a Government Ranger on the Front Line: Drawing the Boundary as Defenders of Wildlife or a Countrys Sovereignty?

Chris Galliers
Peter Cleary 1195

Saving Summerlands - From the ground up: A peninsula for penguins!

Peter Cleary
Sue Eber 1415

Southwest Australia: A Decade of Collaboration, Awareness Raising, Projects and A Strategic Framework for Biodiversity Conservation

Sue Eber
Lorenzo Cattarino 1429

Spatial Prioritization of Conservation Management Actions to Improve Species Persistence: A Freshwater Case Study

Lorenzo Cattarino
BJ Kim 1008

Strategic volunteer placements to empower local communities and strengthen government to create protected areas in Solomon Islands

BJ Kim
Naïk Faucon, Laure Vincent 852

TEMEUM: A Capacity-building Programme for Nature Professionals in the Overseas Territories. A French initiative in the Service of Ecoregional Cooperation

Naïk Faucon, Laure Vincent
Samir Randera-Rees 676

The enemy of my enemy: How apex predators differentially affect small and medium sized predator communities

Samir Randera-Rees
Lilian Pintea 2315

The First High Resolution Maps of Chimpanzee Habitat Health in Africa

Lilian Pintea
Ruedi Haller 791

The joint ecological connectivity analysis and mapping initiative of the Alps

Ruedi Haller
Alastair Birtles 2565

The Minke Whale Project - A 20-Year Multidisciplinary Partnership With Tourism and Reef Managers to Unravel the Mysteries of the Minkes and Achieve Sustainable Management of A Unique Wildlife Resource

Alastair Birtles
Rui Yang 2932

The Necessity and Approaches to Establish China’s National Park System

Rui Yang
Willeen Olivier 1798

The South African Biodiversity Stewardship Programme: Expanding the Conservation Estate in South Africa on Private Land

Willeen Olivier
Silvia Ritossa 1904

The step-by-step successful process of small grants: How small NGOs can make a change in achieving Aichi Targets

Silvia Ritossa
Mark Rodrigue 1722

Towards 2020 - Victoria's Journey in Marine Conservation

Mark Rodrigue
Isidore Bandile Mkhize 2374

Transboundary World Heritage Site 'Maloti-Drakensberg World Heritage Site'

Isidore Bandile Mkhize
Jennifer Merriman 1649

Using Ecosystem Service Assessments to Inform Effective Management of Protected Areas

Jennifer Merriman
Christian Bell 370

Wildcare's Role in Island Conservation in Australia and Successful Community Engagement in Remote Area Reserves.

Christian Bell
Martin Mulama 1759

Wildlife-Livestock Integration: An Innovative Approach to Conservation

Martin Mulama
Alexander Gruzdev 1579

Wrangel Island World Heritage site: A success story of ecotourism inducing environmental clean up

Alexander Gruzdev