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Author Name Number Title
Keith Muir 631

Appropriate Flood management versus the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Keith Muir
Ian Harrison 707

Catalyzing action towards sustainability of deltaic systems

Ian Harrison
Jairo Diaz 2037

Conservación de ecosistemas y soberanía alimentaria y rol de las mujeres de las comunidades locales en Áreas Protegidas en dos Parques de la provincia de Manabí - Ecuador

Jairo Diaz
Mamadou Karama 1098

Conserver une aire protegee en relevant les defis du Changement Climatique au Burkina Faso: La Regeneration Naturelle Assistee (RNA) renforce la resilience des communautes riveraines

Mamadou Karama
Emma Pethybridge 2922

Economic Gateways to Protected Areas: Eco-cultural tourism at Ayers Rock Resort and the Mossman Gorge Centre

Emma Pethybridge
Juan Pablo Urrutia 2548

Economic Impacts of Protected Areas in Urban Environments

Juan Pablo Urrutia
Pem Narayan Kandel 976

Economic valuation of ecosystem services in protected areas: A case study from Nepal

Pem Narayan Kandel
Kristen Bronger 1325

Engaging in marine park management

Kristen Bronger
Noelia Zafra-Calvo 420

Enhancing the Livelihoods of Local Communities and the Effectiveness of Conservation Through Local Strategies of Sustainable Use in African Community-Managed Protected Areas: the Ruvuma Landscape

Noelia Zafra-Calvo
Daniel Del Rio Franqueira 1841

Espacios Protegidos y Ordenación Territorial. Análisis Comparativo de Caso entre Galicia, Francia y Namibia

Daniel Del Rio Franqueira
Daudi Sumba 1140

Experience of AWF in piloting Social Impact Investments for Conservation in Africa: the Case of African Wildlife Capital

Daudi Sumba
Robert Blasiak 1493

Future governance of marine ecosystem services

Robert Blasiak
Claire Brown 820

Identifying and understanding ecosystem services and benefits from natural World Heritage sites

Claire Brown
Yitbarek Tibebe Weldesemaet 31

Implementing Conservation Projects by Empowering Adjacent Communities and Livelihood Security Strategies

Yitbarek Tibebe Weldesemaet
Alkaly DOUMBOUYA 1096

Integrated management in the guinean costal zone: Contribution of fisheries and MPA

Victor Hugo Vazquez Moran 2184

Jaguar and People, A Peaceful Coexistence in A Wetland of Western Mexico

Victor Hugo Vazquez Moran
Luc Farago 1388

Joining the Dots - Biodiversity Links in Production Landscapes

Luc Farago
Rafael Hidalgo; Cristina Gonzalez-Onandia 1783

La Evaluación de los Ecosistemas del Milenio de España

Rafael Hidalgo; Cristina Gonzalez-Onandia
Justine Delangue 123

les services écosystémiques au secours des aires protégées : un nouvel outil pour consolider et développer les aires protégées

Justine Delangue
Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault 1768

Les services rendus par les agriculteurs aux écosystèmes sur le territoire des Parcs naturels régionaux : mesures agro-environnementales (mesures à obligation de résultats), concours prairies fleuries

Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault
Philippa Walsh 1396

Midlands Conservation Fund: A shared approach to Protecting Grasslands in Tasmania

Philippa Walsh
Philippe Ospital 1665

Moi, mon village, ma biodiversité : susciter l'envie d'agir en faveur de la conservation de la nature

Philippe Ospital
Samira Omar Asem 2888

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Marine Reserve in Boubyan Island of, Kuwait

Samira Omar Asem
Nicholas Hill 2005

Net-Works: From Fishing Nets to Carpets

Nicholas Hill
Mariana Bellot 708

North American Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation for Wilderness and Protected Areas Conservation (NAWPA) - Valuing Ecosystem Services Working Group - Creating Tools That Educate Policymakers and the Public

Mariana Bellot
Nicola Johnstone 1270

Not So Solitary: Oral History Project Solitary Islands Marine Park

Nicola Johnstone
Raymond Plourde 754

Nova Scotia, Canada: Getting to 13% Protection and Beyond - A Case Study

Raymond Plourde
Laurence Nemes 1573

Parcs Natinaux Français: Quelles Retombées Economiques Et Quelles Valeurs?

Laurence Nemes
Ghanimat Azhdari 2526

Recognition of Nomadic Pastoralists' Territories as ICCA Using Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS) Towards Nature Conservation

Ghanimat Azhdari
Jonathan Barnard 576

Sierra Leone's Gola Rainforest National Park improving livelihoods of 114 Forest Edge Communities

Jonathan Barnard
Benjamin Sipa 1546

Supporting Conservation Outcomes for the YUS Conservation Area through Alternative Livelihoods

Benjamin Sipa
Sharon Brown 2370

Sustainable livelihood through innovative mangrove protection policy in Giang Province, Vietnam

Sharon Brown
Vance Martin 2038

The Nature Strategy for Sustainability - Supporting Human Life by Protecting & Interconnecting at Least Half of Wild Nature

Vance Martin
Mina Esteghamat 2513

Traditional Agroforestry Systems towards Nature Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in ICCAs (Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas)

Mina Esteghamat
Alejandro Von Bertrab 1829

Training Session on Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services as a Tool to Raise Public Awareness about Protected Areas' Economic Values and to Help Increase their Financing

Alejandro Von Bertrab
Heather Keith 2340

Valuation of Protected Areas by Quantifying Ecosystem Services: The Case for Protection of the Mountain Ash Forests in Victoria

Heather Keith
Ifereimi Dau 1308

Water and Energy Nexus: Discussing the Realities for Small Pacific Island States

Ifereimi Dau
Harvey Johnston 1356

Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area: Ancient Landscapes, Modern Land Uses 1981- 2014

Harvey Johnston