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Lianchawii Chhakchhuak 1874

'Coastal and marine biodiversity conservation in India- beyond protected areas'

Lianchawii Chhakchhuak
Robert Manning 2623

A Marix-Based Approach to Guiding Management of Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Protected Areas: Case Studies in National Parks

Robert Manning
Gavan McFadzean 731

Aligning the Imperatives of Nature Conservation, Economic Development & Indigenous Consent - the Creation of a Tropical Rivers Development Framework for Northern Australia.

Gavan McFadzean
Philippa Howard 1138

Applying the Mitigation Hierarchy with Companies to Reach Conservation Goals - Best Practice Biodiversity Management in Action

Philippa Howard
Daan Wensing 2106

Area of the Future - bridging green and grey infrastructure

Daan Wensing
Waleed Roy 2887

Assessing Dynamics of Rhanterium Epapposum Plant Community Over Four Decades of Protection by GIS

Waleed Roy
Nabegh Ghazal Asswad 1847

Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development at Al-Jabbul Site

Nabegh Ghazal Asswad
Kevin McCann 720

Biodiversity Stewardship - Investing in an innovative protected area expansion mechanism in South Africa

Kevin McCann
Ian Herford 2879

Building and managing a CAR reserve system in the Western Australian rangelands

Ian Herford
Steve Collins 136

Chemucane Community Concession - A New Partnership Approach for Mozambique

Steve Collins
Paola Rodriguez 935

Coastal and Marine Values Mapping As A Tool for Conservation and Resource Management

Paola Rodriguez
Mahlette Betre 2097

Collaborative Approaches to the Conservation of Protected Areas: BHP Billiton and Conservation International Alliance

Mahlette Betre
Remi Jiagho 2041

Concilier la conservation et le developpement : Exemple du Parc National de Waza - Cameroun

Remi Jiagho
Eddy Kambale 2376

Concilier les interats de la conservation et le developpement socio economique des communautes riveraines du Parc National des Virunga en RDC

Eddy Kambale
Alec Crawford 1100

Conservation and Peacebuilding: Tools and Practice

Alec Crawford
Soumitra Dasgupta 1131

Creating alternative employment opportunities that bring long-lasting conservation results in Sundarbans National Park World Heritage Site

Soumitra Dasgupta
Karin Bodtker 881

Designing An Effective Network of Marine Protected Areas in A Region Where Communities Depend Upon Marine Uses, Such As Commercial Tourism and Fishing, for Sustainable Livelihoods

Karin Bodtker
Nicholas Sawyer 1360

Development at Cradle Mountain (Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area) - A Case Study

Nicholas Sawyer
Samuel Nguiffo 1851

Development of Extractives and Agribusiness Projects in Protected Areas in Cameroon: between Risks and Conflicts

Samuel Nguiffo
DAF Sehla 990

Diawling National Park, Facilitator of Community Development

DAF Sehla
Payam Mihanyar 2893

Ecological Behavioural Intentions Based on Sustainable Tourism Awareness and Carbon Footprint: Among Domestic Tourists in Developing Countries

Payam Mihanyar
Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina 2128

Ecotourismo una Estrategia Para La Conservacion en Areas Protegidas, un Esfuerzo de Paas

Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina
Carolina Gonzalez 181

Ecoturismo Comunitario en Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia, una estrategia de participacion social en la conservacion y de desarrollo local

Carolina Gonzalez
John Donahue 1076

Energy and Preservation; Legitimate Competing Societal Needs

John Donahue
Anna Spenceley 1791

Financing protected areas

Anna Spenceley
Laurent Germain 1790

French strategy for MPAs not only a biodiversity issue

Laurent Germain
Sandra Chamorro 2134

Galapagos Protected Areas Management Plan: A Natural Heritage Integrated Tool Protecting Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems

Sandra Chamorro
Sahondra Rabenarivo 391

Governance, resources, political will and partnership: the case of Madagascar's rosewood

Sahondra Rabenarivo
Andrea V. Michelson 1684

Hacia una planificacion marina espacial del mar Argentino

Andrea V. Michelson
Emma Doyle 1006

Here's Why Models Are So Much Better Than Plans - the argument and practical evidence for sustainable tourism monitoring and adaptive management models

Emma Doyle
Carmen Miranda 1982

Impact of extractive industries in the Santa Cruz Region, Bolivia.

Carmen Miranda
Nick Cox 2174

Inspiring Solutions for Developing Capacity

Nick Cox
Heini Kujala 2318

Integrating biodiversity assessment in multi-tenured regional planning: Three case studies in the application of decision support tools in Australian strategic assessments from Australia

Heini Kujala
Kevin McCann 772

Integrating community upliftment into protected area development on communal land in South Africa

Kevin McCann
Glaudy Perdanahardja, Yusuf Fajariyanto 2380

Introducing marine spatial planning to strengthen the sea-use management of Savu Sea Marine National Park

Glaudy Perdanahardja, Yusuf Fajariyanto
Amadou Matar Diouf 1886

L'application des leçons apprises de la gestion du Djoudj pour la restauration de la Reserve du Ndiaèl Delta fleuve Senegal

Amadou Matar Diouf
Samir Whitaker 799

Landscape Level Conservation of Critically Endangered Vultures - An Innovative NGO-Corporate Partnership in India

Samir Whitaker
Dominique Leveque 1761

Les Parcs naturels regionaux, acteurs et accompagnateurs de strategies territoriales collectives d'attenuation et d'adaptation au changement climatique : energies renouvelables, eco-construction

Dominique Leveque
Nick Conner 611

Linking Protected Areas to Local Community Socio-economic Development in New South Wales, Australia

Nick Conner
Andrew Rylance 790

Living Outside the Fence: Opportunities for Communities Bordering Protected Areas to Benefit through Business Partnerships - Case of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa

Andrew Rylance
Peter Howard, Guy Debonnet, Kes Hillman Smith 2742

Losing Ground: Case Studies of Africa's Threatened World Heritage Sites

Peter Howard, Guy Debonnet, Kes Hillman Smith
Sonia Pena Moreno 383

Mainstreaming Biodiversity into National Plans: Protected Areas Case Studies

Sonia Pena Moreno
Robert Mwinyihali 1268

Mainstreaming protected area solutions for mining and energy

Robert Mwinyihali
Sue Snyman 1668

Making the Protected Area Concession Work for the Communities

Sue Snyman
Grizelda Mayo-Anda 1784

Mining's Continuing Threat to the Philippines' Key Biodiversity Areas

Grizelda Mayo-Anda
Paul Gamblin 1602

MPAs and marine extractive development: New approaches to resolving competing interests in the Coral Triangle, South-west Pacific and Australia

Paul Gamblin
Rossana Berrini 694

Norma Técnica UNIT 1131 Turismo Sostenible en las Áreas Naturales Protegidas

Rossana Berrini
Alison Barnes 2426

Open for business 'naturally' - Delivering prosperity in the New Forest National Park

Alison Barnes
Alphonse Muhindo Valivambene 1876

Peace Building through Sustainable Development in DR Congo

Alphonse Muhindo Valivambene
Ayesha Tulloch 37

Planning for Mining Infrastructure Development Under Multiple Uncertainties: Accounting for Risk Helps Find More Certain Futures

Ayesha Tulloch
Babajide Agboola 382

Postal Launch and Paper Presentation to Combat Wildlife Depletion Due to An Unsustainable Bush Meat Industry in Africa

Babajide Agboola
Susanne Schmitt 494

Protected Area Resilience: Promoting value creation and value protection in a globally significant asset class

Susanne Schmitt
Aldem Bourscheit Cezarino 2080

Protected Areas Systems in Emerging Economies: Challenges, Opportunities and the Role of the Private Sector

Aldem Bourscheit Cezarino
Remi Jiagho 678

Securiser les moyens d'existence pour une meilleure gestion des aires protegees des ecosystemes de savanes nord d'Afrique Centrale

Remi Jiagho
Gonzalo Mardones 358

Shaken, Not Stirred': How Stakeholders Can Work Together to Achieve Common Goals for Protected Areas? A Social Network Analysis in a National Park Buffer Zone of Southern Chile

Gonzalo Mardones
Daniela Benavides, Sofia Rubio 2884

Shiwi - Products from protected areas, development in harmony with nature

Daniela Benavides, Sofia Rubio
Sue Snyman 1533

Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism on Local Communities Living in and Around Protected Areas

Sue Snyman
Alexandre Belokurov 1617

Strandzha - Where the forest meets the sea

Alexandre Belokurov
Harald Marencic 147

Strengthening MPA Management through International Cooperation

Harald Marencic
Kaye Walker 1256

Swimming With Whales in Tonga: A Case Study of Community Capacity Development Involving A Wild Species in A Protected Area

Kaye Walker
Michal Sokolowski 543

The case study - Trade-off among landscape protection and mobile telecommunication development in the buffer zone of Pieniny National Park, Poland

Michal Sokolowski
Philippa Howard 1176

The coexistence of extractive industries within protected areas

Philippa Howard
Payam Mihanyar 2892

The Influence of Sustainable Tourism Awareness and Environmental Sustainability Dimensions on Behavioural Intentions: Among Domestic Tourists in Developing Countries

Payam Mihanyar
Rosaleen Duffy 185

The role of Protected Areas and conservation in 'who controls the Green Economy'

Rosaleen Duffy
Marta De Azevedo Irving 1164

Tourism, Social Innovation and Local Development in Protected Areas

Marta De Azevedo Irving
Dominique Leveque 1748

Un developpement economique local contribuant a  la richesse des patrimoines et au renforcement du lien social, exemple de demarches contractuelles : Marque Parc, Charte Europeenne du Tourisme Durable

Dominique Leveque
Chu Van Cuong 2386

Using Biosphere Reserve Management as Cross Sectoral Planning for Better Conservation and Livelihood Outcomes in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

Chu Van Cuong
Sue Snyman 1488

Using Tourism As A Means to Achieve Conservation Goals

Sue Snyman
Doris Cellarius 1372

What Can Be Learned From Biofuel and Other Plantations That Impact Protected Areas

Doris Cellarius
Alex Kisingo 960

What is Required to Achieve both Conservation and Development Goals: Lessons Learnt from a Community-University Research Alliance on African and Canadian Protected Areas

Alex Kisingo
Nicholas Sawyer 1324

Wilderness or Wild Character as a New Criterion for World Heritage Areas

Nicholas Sawyer