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Author Name Number Title
Malgorzata Blicharska 167

A case of the Białowieża Forest conflict

Malgorzata Blicharska
Geoff Bailey 1462

A Case Study: the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust lands converting former Defence sites to public parkland on Sydney Harbour

Geoff Bailey
Dominique Duval-Diop 882

A multilevel regional approach to capacity development in marine protected areas in West Africa

Dominique Duval-Diop
Patricia Ruiz 2120

A new approach to improve the ecological representativeness of Costa Rica's National Protected Area System.

Patricia Ruiz
Neeraj Khera 2255

A Participatory Approach towards Capacity Needs Assessment for Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Protected Areas in India

Neeraj Khera
Carmen Miranda 1358

A Toolbox for the Participatory Monitoring of Ecosystem Services and Pressures in ICCAs

Carmen Miranda
Mikal Nolan 2855

Achieving Conservation Outcomes Under Customary Land Tenure Systems in the YUS Conservation Area of Papua New Guinea

Mikal Nolan
Jayant Sarnaik 2873

Advancing habitat conservation outside protected areas through innovative mechanisms- experiences from Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary and Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, North Western Ghats, India

Jayant Sarnaik
Béatrice Gendreau 849

Aider à la reforestation et stocker du Carbone dans les Parcs naturels aquitains.

Béatrice Gendreau
Alexis Kabore 1132

Amelioration de la gouvernance des parcs et reserves de faune de l'Est du Burkina Faso

Alexis Kabore
Mohamed Lemine Baba 2612

Approche Participative Pour La Création d'Une AMP Péri-Urbaine : L'exemple De La Baie De l'Etoile En Mauritanie

Mohamed Lemine Baba
Marc Stern 966

Balancing accountability with adaptive management: A discussion on designing flexibility into the evaluation of conservation initiatives

Marc Stern
Eduardo Najera-Hillman 194

Balancing Development Concessions and Coastal Ecosystem Protection - Mexican Coastal Wildlands.

Eduardo Najera-Hillman
Ingrid Sieler 1320

Benchmarking Australasian parks - what have we learnt about effective management?

Ingrid Sieler
Chih-Liang Chao 2232

Benefits Beyond Boundaries - Shared Governance in Cross-border Protected Areas (TBPAs), Taiwan

Chih-Liang Chao
Annette Stewart 1288

Better Project Governance Produces Better Conservation

Annette Stewart
Wendy Craik 1245

Beyond Marine Parks: Managing the NSW Marine Estate

Wendy Craik
Moises Grimberg 1028

Boletín 'BIODIVERSIDATA. Conservación, Gestión y Manejo de Áreas Silvestres Protegidas'

Moises Grimberg
Dhaneshree Ndebele 986

Building Capacity Amongst Stakeholders Outside the Park: A People and Parks Toolkit

Dhaneshree Ndebele
Naia Lewis 412

Capacity Development Exercise on the IUCN Guidelines for the Design and Management of Large-scale Marine Protected Areas

Naia Lewis
Francisco Castañeda Moya 1698

Caso De Estudio: 'Co-administracion Comunitaria Del Biotopo Protegido Universitario Chocon-Machacas, Departamento De Izabal, Guatemala; Mito o Solucion A Su problematica actual?'

Francisco Castañeda Moya
Marinez Scherer 844

Challenges for community participation: managing an Urban Park

Marinez Scherer
Raphaëlle Dancette 642

Classifying social actors in protected area governance

Raphaëlle Dancette
Md. Wasiul Islam 2347

Co-management Approach: as an Inspiration to Facilitate Nature-Based Tourism at the Protected Areas of Bangladesh

Md. Wasiul Islam
Kuang-Chung Lee 2819

Collaborative planning and management for Protected Landscapes (IUCN category V) in the light of Satoyama Initiative and ICCA: A Case Study of Taiwan

Kuang-Chung Lee
Martial Kouderin 2933

Community Driven conservation areas in Africa

Martial Kouderin
Peter Kitelo 2460

Community Driven or Conservation Driven Citizen Oversight? Ogiek Community By-Laws, Building on the Whakatane Assessment At Mt Elgon, Kenya (Stream 6, session 3.4)

Peter Kitelo
Inza Kone 214

Community empowerment for the conservation of critically endangered primates and their habitat in south-eastern Côte d'Ivoire

Inza Kone
Amir Hossein Khaleghi Hamidi 2317

Community involvement as the key solution for conservation in the Middle East: a case study form Golestan National Park, Iran

Amir Hossein Khaleghi Hamidi
Lu Wan 224

Community Nature Reserves: A new approach to sustainable and equitable environmental governance in China

Lu Wan
Daryl Bosu 1792

Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) in Ghana: A Promising Framework for Community Based Conservation.

Daryl Bosu
Yi-Peng Yang 2509

Comparison and Integration of Three Evaluation Methods for Management Effectiveness of Protected Area in the Wu-Wei-Kang Wildlife Refuge

Yi-Peng Yang
Lokeswara Rao 1201

Conservation of Amur Falcon in Nagaland, India

Lokeswara Rao
Stuart Gold 1431

Conservation Partners Program - contributing to conservation goals through private land conservation.

Stuart Gold
Fidaa Haddad 2344

Conserving Biodiversity and Sustainably Managing Land Through Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas 'HIMA'

Fidaa Haddad
Maen Al Smadi 2792

Cooperative Management for Sustainable Use of Grazing Resouorces in Mujib Nature Reserve

Maen Al Smadi
Dan Paleczny 486

Cooperative Planning and Management of Ni'iinlii'Njik (Fishing Branch) Protected Area in Yukon, Canada

Dan Paleczny
Anne Littaye 711

Could Youth Employment Be Encouraged By the Natural and Landscape World Heritage Conservation? Case Studied of the Southwestern Pacific Islands Countries and Territories.

Anne Littaye
Guido Puhlmann 541

Create A Link Between the Public and the Parks

Guido Puhlmann
Marta De Azevedo Irving 2495

Creative participatory methodologies for protected areas management: New approaches and challenges

Marta De Azevedo Irving
Noel Resurreccion 175

Critical Habitat Establishment: An Innovative Management Approach Beyond the Protected Areas System in the Philippines

Noel Resurreccion
Barbara Mertin 2356

DANUBEPARKS - Danube River Network of Protected Areas - Nature Protection Without Borders

Barbara Mertin
Sébastien Le Bel 1053

Data mobile data collection system as an option to foster grass root wildlife management: the case study of human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Africa

Sébastien Le Bel
Mamadou Ndong Toure 93

Décentralisation et Conservation de la diversité biologique : L'Expérience du projet de création de l'aire marine communautaire de Sangomar dans la Région de Fatick

Mamadou Ndong Toure
Rebecca Laws 1385

Decision support tools for protected area managers

Rebecca Laws
Jorge Ugaz 2036

Diseño de un Portafolio de Proyectos para el SERNANP, así como la Identificación de las Necesidades y Canalización de Inversiones a través de la Cooperación para el SINANPE

Jorge Ugaz
Marcia Lederman 2161

Ecological Corridors as a Sustaintable Territorial Development and Good Governance Strategies

Marcia Lederman
Shigeki Yasumura 645

Ecosystem-Based and Community-Based Management in the Yellow Sea Ecoregion

Shigeki Yasumura
Yehya Shehadeh 2791

Ecotourism as a vehicle for nature conservation

Yehya Shehadeh
Thiago Souza 125

Effectiveness Index in Outdoor Recreation: A case study of National Parks in Brazil

Thiago Souza
Refugio Lorena Lopez 2334

El Bosque de Niebla: Una Oportunidad para la Vida

Refugio Lorena Lopez
Edna Carolina Jarro Fajardo 2096

El Santuario de Fauna Acandí, Playón y Playona: símbolo de la conservación de la Cultura Negra en el Caribe Colombiano

Edna Carolina Jarro Fajardo
Luiz Fernando Merico 818

Empowering Municipalities to Promote Local Conservation and Protected Areas

Luiz Fernando Merico
Reynante Ramilo 2464

Enhancing and incentivizing community-integrated management of key Marine Protected Areas in Busuanga, Palawan

Reynante Ramilo
Camille Flore Jepang Sandjong 1868

Enjeux de la lutte anti-braconnage et criminalité sur la grande faune dans les zones de savane nord d'Afrique centrale

Camille Flore Jepang Sandjong
Mariana Bellot 2668

Estrategia al 2040 de la Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas: Construccion de una vision compartida de largo plazo para la conservacion del capital natural de Mexico.

Mariana Bellot
Andrew Kyei Agyare 2825

Examining the Effectiveness of Community Resource Management Areas in Ghana: Converging and Diverging Experiences of Participating Communities

Andrew Kyei Agyare
Rustam Sagitov 1638

Experience of cross-border Finnish-Russian cooperation in salmon rivers restoration and establishment of protected areas

Rustam Sagitov
Geoff Mosley 47

Filling Major Gaps in the World Heritage List: Australia's role.

Geoff Mosley
Steve Collins 1011

Finding ways to fund community conservation areas.

Steve Collins
Scott Buchanan 1333

Fraser Island (K'gari) World Heritage Area - A case study in inclusive governance and cooperative partnerships to protect and enhance the outstanding universal values of the world's largest sand island

Scott Buchanan
Ian Harrison 2171

Freshwater Governance

Ian Harrison
Tegan Hoffmann 2064

From Design to Action: Key Elements and Innovations for Effective Marine Protected Area Network Implementation

Tegan Hoffmann
Yingyi Zhang 649

GEF Small Grants Programme's Initiative of Supporting ICCAs in China

Yingyi Zhang
David Thomas 2930

GETTING IT TOGETHER: How rights to land and resources have affected integration of conservation and development by local organisations around Protected Areas in East Africa

David Thomas
Jens Kallabinski 1477

Good governance and trans-boundary collaboration: the case of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Central Vietnam and Hin Nam No National Protection Area in Laos

Jens Kallabinski
Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault 1739

Gouvernance et contractualisation des Parcs français pour mener un projet de développement durable des territoires ruraux avec les acteurs locaux : Charte, dispositif thématique, partenariat

Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault
Maria De Koning 531

Governance Assessment of Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Laos Leading to Innovative Solutions of Improved Shared Governance to Ensure Equitable and Effective Management With Limited Human and Financial Resources

Maria De Koning
Stephanie Price 206

Governance of a World Heritage Site under Customary Ownership: East Rennell, Solomon Islands

Stephanie Price
Kari Lahti 1620

Green Belt of Fennoscandia - regional transboundary conservation for more than 20 years

Kari Lahti
Maria Paz Luna 905

How Protected Areas Can Serve As Role Models for Good Governance in the Philippines

Maria Paz Luna
Jean Bruno Ngougnogbia 239

Implication Et Prise En Compte Des Droits Des Communautés Locales Et Autochtones Dans La Gestion Des Ressources Du Parc Mbaéré Bodingué (République Centrafricaine).

Jean Bruno Ngougnogbia
Francisco Viddi 1159

Improving and Strengthening Effective Management of Private Protected Areas in Southern Chile

Francisco Viddi
Leo Niskanen 2882

Improving protected area governance in southern Africa - towards a new vision and strategy

Leo Niskanen
Rodrigo Medeiros 2138

Improving the private reserves system in the Atlantic Forest Hotspot in Brazil

Rodrigo Medeiros
Sera Blair 1355

Incorporating Community Attitudes in Decision Making to Improve Conservation Outcomes for Threatened Species in Victoria, Australia.

Sera Blair
Taute Taiepa 872

Indigenous capability building and the retention and use of traditional knowledge in conservation and the environment.

Taute Taiepa
Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen 2054

Indigenous Peoples As Co-managers of Government Governed Protected Areas

Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen
Luciana Xavier 2628

Information translation and capacity building for educated participatory management

Luciana Xavier
Moises Grimberg 1030

Investigacion Cientifica en Areas Protegidas: Diagnostico y Desafios

Moises Grimberg
Tegan Hoffmann 2067

Investing in Our Oceans: Insights for Building Lasting Marine Conservation Funding Initiatives

Tegan Hoffmann
Avi Holzapfel 178

It Takes A Village to Protect A Bird: Collaborative Conservation Action Planning in New Zealand

Avi Holzapfel
Theresa Mundita Lim 1510

Key Elements of Philippine Protected Area Effectiveness

Theresa Mundita Lim
Adriadne Gorring 1561

Kimberley Healthy Country Network

Adriadne Gorring
Celine Lim 1470

Knowledge Sharing on Best Management Practices in Private Conservation Areas on Small-Scale Gold Mining

Celine Lim
Sasikumar C. 1900

Landscape Based Management of Coastal and Marine Biodiversity- Beyond PA Networks

Sasikumar C.
Milika Sobey 2400

Large MPAs in the Pacific-Phoenix Island Protected Area and Pacific Remote Island National Monument: Challenges & Opportunities

Milika Sobey
Scott Slocombe 930

Learning and Collaborating for Conservation Effectiveness: Lessons from the southwest Yukon

Scott Slocombe
Marylène Hoarau 1971

Les Pitons, Cirques et remparts de l'île de La Réunion au centre d'un projet de territoire

Marylène Hoarau
Sue Snyman 1628

Lessons Learned From A Number of Different Governance Systems Involving the Private Sector, Government, NGOs and Local Communities

Sue Snyman
Elke Mannigel, Pueblo Originario Kichwa de Sarayaku 1630

Living forests (Kawsak Sacha) - A New Governance Model for Protected Areas From the Kichwa of Sarayaku, Ecuador

Elke Mannigel, Pueblo Originario Kichwa de Sarayaku
Charles Beeker, Matthew Maus, Claudia Johnson, Ania Budziak, Valerie Grussing 1681

Living Museums in the Sea: Model for Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage and associated Marine Ecosystems through Sustainable Tourism

Charles Beeker, Matthew Maus, Claudia Johnson, Ania Budziak, Valerie Grussing
David MacKinnon 1077

Making sense of Aichi Target 11 'other effective area-based conservation measures' - the Canadian experience

David MacKinnon
Merry Muspita Dyah Utami 854

Management and Strategic Issues of Meru Betiri National Park Indonesia 2014-2023

Merry Muspita Dyah Utami
Yves Zinngrebe 868

Managing Deforestation in the Buffer Zone in the Peruvian Aamazon - Integrated Land-use Planning in Communities makes the Difference

Yves Zinngrebe
Ryan Wright 599

Marine Spatial Planning in the Pacific: Linking multiple scales of integrated marine management to support sustainable development

Ryan Wright
Dafne Domínguez 2732

Mecanismo de Administracion Conjunta para El Manejo Sostenible Del Turismo Comunitario en El Parque Nacional Mirador Río Azul Y El Biotopo Protegido Naachtun - Dos Lagunas

Dafne Domínguez
Natalie Jones 929

Moreton Bay Marine Park: How Can Management be Guided by Knowledge of Values and Uses?

Natalie Jones
Martin Hartmann 819

Nationalpark Park Ranger certified training Programme

Martin Hartmann
Naïk Faucon, Mara Rihouet 847

Natura 2000 in France: A Joint Management Approach to the Conservation of European Natural Heritage.

Naïk Faucon, Mara Rihouet
Pierluca Gaglioppa 1458

Natural capital and local communities: starting from a Mediterranean (EUROPE) evaluation methodology for PAs and valuing biodiversity and ESs in a Nature Reserve to define a governance project to sharing nature benefits

Pierluca Gaglioppa
Anna Kuhmonen 1827

Nature Has No Borders - Barents Protected Area Network

Anna Kuhmonen
Binta Ba Diaw 547

Nouvelle Démarche De Création Des Aires Marines Communautaires Protégées Au Sénégal Et Elaboration Participative De Leur Plan De Gestion

Binta Ba Diaw
Marcela Kropf 408

Overcoming Boundaries of Biodiversity Management: Iguaçu (Brazil) and Iguazà (Argentina) National Parks.

Marcela Kropf
Franco Mari 1592

Participatory Approach for the Development of Central Karakoram National Park (Pakistan) Management Plan

Franco Mari
Theresa Sowry 2482

Participatory Governance Training Packages for multi-stakeholders for pro-poor transformation of protected area buffer zones.

Theresa Sowry
Mina Esteghamat 2537

Participatory management of mangrove forests towards ecosystem restoration, bio-cultural diversity conservation and achieving sustainable livelihoods in coastal and marine protected areas

Mina Esteghamat
Lilian Pintea 1193

People, Parks and Clouds: How Innovative Mobile and Web-Mapping Technologies Are Empowering Local Communities and Transforming Chimpanzee Conservation in Africa

Lilian Pintea
Ilia Domashov 2796

Promotion of the ecosystem approach to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Local community Interaction with PAs

Ilia Domashov
Jens Brueggemann 2852

Protected Area Governance Assessment in China: The Case of Xianshan Lake National Wetland Park

Jens Brueggemann
Vongani Nicolus Maringa 1788

Protected Area Legislation in South Africa

Vongani Nicolus Maringa
Paata Shanshiashvili 1703

Protected Areas for Sustainable Development

Paata Shanshiashvili
Bruce Rampton, Brett Stallbaum 1269

Queensland: Protected Areas under shared governance and developing sustainable partnerships with Australian Indigenous Peoples and local communities

Bruce Rampton, Brett Stallbaum
Lisa Dabek 2191

Reaching towards sustainable financing and governance of an Indigenous-owned and managed protected area in Papua New Guinea

Lisa Dabek
Archi Rastogi 2654

Resource within? Assessing the role of social capital in supporting tiger conservation in India

Archi Rastogi
Togarasei Fakarayi 398

Stakeholder Capacity Building for Key Biodiversity Area Management Planning in the Chimanimani-Nyanga Mountains Biodiversity Conservation Corridor.

Togarasei Fakarayi
Tran Tran, Rob Thomas 2929

Strange bedfellows: collaborative management and native title in Australia

Tran Tran, Rob Thomas
Motshereganyi Kootsositse 389

Strategic Partnerships to Improve the Financial and Operational Sustainability of Protected Areas in Botswana

Motshereganyi Kootsositse
Pilar Gomis 161

Strengthening Inclusive Approaches to Coastal/Marine Protected Areas Management in EU Overseas Territories

Pilar Gomis
Anna Huebner 2931

Strengthening Trans-boundary Cooperation – Learning from the Other: The Case of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Central Vietnam and the Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Laos

Anna Huebner
Mukakamari Dancilla 2571

Success story on promoting gender and women empowerment for sustainable conservation of PA in Rwanda

Mukakamari Dancilla
Widodo Ramono 1485

Sumatran Rhinoceros Conservation in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia: An Established Model of Community Engagement and Participation in Park Management and Species Conservation

Widodo Ramono
Tina Mueller 671

Swiss Parks - Surprising result of a bottom up process

Tina Mueller
Haifaa Abdulhalim 2551

TABEÁ Program- New vision to Implement World Heritage Convention in Arab Region

Haifaa Abdulhalim
Alessandro Fusari 1646

Testing a New Conservation Model in East and Southern Africa: the Global Partnership for Protected Areas

Alessandro Fusari
Andrew Nixon 2749

The Australian Alps Cooperative Management Program - Enhancing trans-boundary program success

Andrew Nixon
Matt Sheehan 1590

The Australian Weeds of National Significance Initiative: A Model for Improving Participatory Governance in Natural Resource Management

Matt Sheehan
Wynet Smith 833

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement: A New Model of Collaboration to Achieve Conservation and Prosperity in the Boreal Forest of Canada

Wynet Smith
Mei-Chih Yeh 2316

The emergence of participatory governance in a traditional management regime - Taiwan experiences

Mei-Chih Yeh
Lori-Ann Shibish 2883

The Evolution of Joint Management in Western Australia

Lori-Ann Shibish
Alain Barcelo 1058

The French Forum of MPAs: A Specific Network Joining Together the Diversity of French Managers

Alain Barcelo
Carolyn Russell 1736

The Future of Wild Places: Enhance Understanding and Respect in Community Participation, Our International Obligations to Management of World Heritage and Inspire the Next Generation.

Carolyn Russell
Steve Collins 325

The Makuleke's community owned Kruger National Park land. A 15 year assessment of benefits and challenges.

Steve Collins
Nils Odendaal 209

The NamibRand Nature Reserve, a model for private conservation

Nils Odendaal
Cecilia Vilhena 2215

The Public-Private-Partnership of Peter Lund Cave Route - a proposal for innovative management of protected areas in Brazil

Cecilia Vilhena
Rob Glastra 1536

The Role of Private Protected Areas in Conservation; Successes and Challenges of the IUCN Netherlands Small grants for the Purchase of Nature (SPN) programme.

Rob Glastra
Michael Painter 1776

The Role of Social Assessment Tools in Contributing to Effective Governance of Protected Areas in Central Africa - Workshop Proposal

Michael Painter
Chris Thomas 766

The Secret to South Australia's Marine Parks Success

Chris Thomas
Sakhile Nsukwini 226

The Socio-Economic Impacts of Ecotourism in Rural Areas: A Case Study of the Nompondo, a Community Bordering the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Sakhile Nsukwini
Mat Roberts 298

Total Contribution Reporting: Bringing social value to Natural Capital

Mat Roberts
Marie Brown 619

Towards Shared Governance of Biodiversity Conservation in New Zealand

Marie Brown
Edgar Buhanga 1482

Transboundary Collaborative Natural Resources Management: A Case Study of the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC)

Edgar Buhanga
Sandra Valenzuela 2533

Transboundary Governance in the Putumayo River

Sandra Valenzuela
Morris Zororai Mtsambiwa 655

Transformation of protected area governance by the State- from Department to parastatal: the Zimbabwean experience the Southern African Development Community.

Morris Zororai Mtsambiwa
Amadou Matar Diouf 1050

Une nouvelle vision de la Gouvernance des aires protégées au Sénégal

Amadou Matar Diouf
David Aron 1376

Using community based conservation programs as a means of meeting conversation goals and implementing National policy: A case study of the challenges and potential for implementation of a Landcare type program in Japan

David Aron
Mariko Abe 2535

Various types of MPA in the world - for the achievement of Aichi target

Mariko Abe
Rob Glastra 2048

Viability and best practice analysis of communities

Rob Glastra
Leesa Riley, Joanne Issaverdis 1393

Volunteer Interpreter Program - Tidbinbilla and Namadgi, Australian Capital Territory

Leesa Riley, Joanne Issaverdis
Cintia Camila Silva Angelieri 1048

Wildlife Conservation Partnerships: integrating biological knowledge to provide evidence for decision making process in Brazil.

Cintia Camila Silva Angelieri
Jon Day 1496

Workshop - 'Operationalising' Outstanding Universal Value to improve the effectiveness of World Heritage management and reporting

Jon Day