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Yu-Chu Lin 2494

A Case Study of a Non-government Group in Taiwan

Yu-Chu Lin
Polly Cevallos 2392

A Dynamic Global Environmental and Humanitarian Youth Program to Inspire and Empower People to Take Informed Compassionate Action to Make the World A Better Place for People, Animals and the Environment- A Case Study of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots (R&S)

Polly Cevallos
Diana Bates 1330

A Play in the Park

Diana Bates
Federico Bovier 1136

Accessible Peninsula' Peninsula Valdes' innovative approach to engage disabled children in the conservation of its exceptional marine features listed as World Heritage

Federico Bovier
Aristide Takoukam Kamla 1621

Assessing the distribution of Marine mammals in Cameroon coastal areas

Aristide Takoukam Kamla
Ian Craigie 2180

Australian National Parks - A New Mobile Device Application

Ian Craigie
Daniel Catt 871

Catt-Trax: Using Online Technologies to Inspire a New Generation

Daniel Catt
Cristi Marie Nozawa 1697

Children communicating for the Globally Endangered Spoon-billed sandpiper

Cristi Marie Nozawa
Jessica Kendall 1492

Collective Impact Organising for Nature - broadening the base and breeding believers

Jessica Kendall
Tarun Kathula 1773

Conservation of fishing cat (Prionailurusviverrinus) with the support of Production Sectors in India

Tarun Kathula
Arnaud Greth 2515

Creation of a Botanical Trail to Involve Youth in the Conservation of New Caledonian forests

Arnaud Greth
Travis Scicchitano 1578

Eastern Barred Bandicoot - Partnering for Recovery of a Critically Endangered Species in an Urban Protected Area

Travis Scicchitano
Gabriel Mikhail 597

Ecomimicry at Valley of the Whales World Heritage Site, Egypt: Conservation and inspiration through progressive architecture and local engagement.

Gabriel Mikhail
Sophie-Dorothée Duron 1549

Educative Marine Area : a new model of (M)PA?

Sophie-Dorothée Duron
Glen Hvenegaard 264

Engaging Children in Park Interpretation: the Innovative Use of Improvisational Theatre Games

Glen Hvenegaard
Rachel Golden 686

Engaging the public in Protected Area Downgrading, Downsizing, and Degazettement: a showcase of

Rachel Golden
Chelsea Combest-Friedman 2210

Experiencias de Educacion en el Pacifico de Nicaragua, las oportunidades y desafíos en un país joven

Chelsea Combest-Friedman
Angus M Robinson 1446

Geotourism - Inspiring A New Generation

Angus M Robinson
Enrique Díaz-Martínez 1939

Innovating in communication to different types of public in parks: geoheritage interpretation is possible!

Enrique Díaz-Martínez
Matt McClelland 610

Inspiration alone is death

Matt McClelland
Ian Harrison 2022

Inspiring and engaging the public towards a shared understanding and sense of ownership of freshwater ecosystems

Ian Harrison
Kevin Evans 1464

Inspiring new generations of naturalists through citizen science

Kevin Evans
Kevin Mearns 471

Junior Ranger Program - Bush Baby Environmental Club for Schools

Kevin Mearns
Lanto Herilala Andriambelo 2645

Le Kit'Mad Ere, un outil pour l'education environnementale !

Lanto Herilala Andriambelo
Rajiv Bhartari 1506

Linking Birdwatching with Bird Conservation and Community Lilvelihoods - Uttarakhand Birdwatching Porgramme

Rajiv Bhartari
Ronda Green 728

Network for Tour Operations Involved in Wildlife Research

Ronda Green
Meng-Jin Chung 1503

Our Community Is a Classroom: Working with Local People on Developing a Culture-based Education Program for Indigenous Young Children, Taiwan

Meng-Jin Chung
Isidore Bandile Mkhize 1814

S'fundimvelo Environmental Education Programme

Isidore Bandile Mkhize
Shaju Thomas 1244

SEED (Student Empowerment for Environment Development) - A Green Initiative for Inspiring a New Generation Through Innovative Partnerships by a Newspaper Group in Kerala, India.

Shaju Thomas
Jessica Kendall 1545

Stories of Connection and Courage - Australian's Standing up for Country

Jessica Kendall
Marianne Sheumack 145

Sydney Olympic Park - Inspiring a New Generation of Conservationists through Digital Technologies, Events and Partnerships

Marianne Sheumack
Jesus Manuel Delgado Mendez 299

The Educative Use of Radio to Enhance Governance and Conservation in Latin America.

Jesus Manuel Delgado Mendez
Guillermo Scarlato 2181

The first years of implementation of the National System of Protected Areas of Uruguay in testimony and images . An innovative proposal to systematize and document a rich and diverse experience

Guillermo Scarlato
Cesar Jesus Vazquez Navarrete 2199


Cesar Jesus Vazquez Navarrete
Grainne Cleary 516

The Great Koala Count 2014

Grainne Cleary
Hannah Pragnell-Raasch 506

Uniting the Global Voice of Scuba Divers to Reach Marine Conservation Goals

Hannah Pragnell-Raasch
Shu Chen 636

Using Chinese Giant Salamander As the Iconic Species to Inspire and Engage Multiple Stakeholders to Support and Participate in the Endanger Species and Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation in Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve

Shu Chen
Caro Ryan 1311

Using technology to inspire and equip people to undertake overnight hikes

Caro Ryan
Dan Paleczny 481

Valley of the Whales World Heritage Site, Egypt: Planning for protection, local involvement and inspirational visitor experiences

Dan Paleczny
John Sinclair 417

Volunteers and Protected Areas

John Sinclair
Grainne Cleary 606

Who's Living on My Land?' Citizen Science Project

Grainne Cleary