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Author Name Number Title
Kerry Pereira 2428

A Call for the Protection of Endangered Mangrove Horseshoe Crab Habitat in Singapore

Kerry Pereira
Lance Morgan 2100

Advancing a New Model for Marine Protected Areas - The Global Ocean Refuge System

Lance Morgan
David Gulko 588

CRCSI MPA Enforcement Field Investigation Training: A International Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Agency Approach

David Gulko
Anne-Claire Goarant 1284

les stratégies régionales et le sréseaux en matière d'aires protégées dans le pacifique, rôle de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Anne-Claire Goarant
Fiona Llewellyn 1976

No-take Marine Protected Areas: Who's Counting?

Fiona Llewellyn
Andrew Page 959

NSW Marine Parks Deliver on Biodiversity Conservation

Andrew Page
Peter Cleary 1195

Saving Summerlands - From the ground up: A peninsula for penguins!

Peter Cleary
Alastair Birtles 2565

The Minke Whale Project - A 20-Year Multidisciplinary Partnership With Tourism and Reef Managers to Unravel the Mysteries of the Minkes and Achieve Sustainable Management of A Unique Wildlife Resource

Alastair Birtles