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Author Name Number Title
Lianchawii Chhakchhuak 1874

'Coastal and marine biodiversity conservation in India- beyond protected areas'

Lianchawii Chhakchhuak
Karin Bodtker 881

Designing An Effective Network of Marine Protected Areas in A Region Where Communities Depend Upon Marine Uses, Such As Commercial Tourism and Fishing, for Sustainable Livelihoods

Karin Bodtker
Laurent Germain 1790

French strategy for MPAs not only a biodiversity issue

Laurent Germain
Andrea V. Michelson 1684

Hacia una planificacion marina espacial del mar Argentino

Andrea V. Michelson
Glaudy Perdanahardja, Yusuf Fajariyanto 2380

Introducing marine spatial planning to strengthen the sea-use management of Savu Sea Marine National Park

Glaudy Perdanahardja, Yusuf Fajariyanto
Paul Gamblin 1602

MPAs and marine extractive development: New approaches to resolving competing interests in the Coral Triangle, South-west Pacific and Australia

Paul Gamblin
Harald Marencic 147

Strengthening MPA Management through International Cooperation

Harald Marencic
Chu Van Cuong 2386

Using Biosphere Reserve Management as Cross Sectoral Planning for Better Conservation and Livelihood Outcomes in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

Chu Van Cuong