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Author Name Number Title
Mohamed Lemine Baba 2612

Approche Participative Pour La Création d'Une AMP Péri-Urbaine : L'exemple De La Baie De l'Etoile En Mauritanie

Mohamed Lemine Baba
Wendy Craik 1245

Beyond Marine Parks: Managing the NSW Marine Estate

Wendy Craik
Tegan Hoffmann 2064

From Design to Action: Key Elements and Innovations for Effective Marine Protected Area Network Implementation

Tegan Hoffmann
Sasikumar C. 1900

Landscape Based Management of Coastal and Marine Biodiversity- Beyond PA Networks

Sasikumar C.
Charles Beeker, Matthew Maus, Claudia Johnson, Ania Budziak, Valerie Grussing 1681

Living Museums in the Sea: Model for Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage and associated Marine Ecosystems through Sustainable Tourism

Charles Beeker, Matthew Maus, Claudia Johnson, Ania Budziak, Valerie Grussing
Natalie Jones 929

Moreton Bay Marine Park: How Can Management be Guided by Knowledge of Values and Uses?

Natalie Jones
Mina Esteghamat 2537

Participatory management of mangrove forests towards ecosystem restoration, bio-cultural diversity conservation and achieving sustainable livelihoods in coastal and marine protected areas

Mina Esteghamat
Pilar Gomis 161

Strengthening Inclusive Approaches to Coastal/Marine Protected Areas Management in EU Overseas Territories

Pilar Gomis
Alain Barcelo 1058

The French Forum of MPAs: A Specific Network Joining Together the Diversity of French Managers

Alain Barcelo
Mariko Abe 2535

Various types of MPA in the world - for the achievement of Aichi target

Mariko Abe