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Francisco Castañeda Moya 1698

Caso De Estudio: 'Co-administracion Comunitaria Del Biotopo Protegido Universitario Chocon-Machacas, Departamento De Izabal, Guatemala; Mito o Solucion A Su problematica actual?'

Francisco Castañeda Moya
Daryl Bosu 1792

Community Resource Management Area (CREMA) in Ghana: A Promising Framework for Community Based Conservation.

Daryl Bosu
Andrew Kyei Agyare 2825

Examining the Effectiveness of Community Resource Management Areas in Ghana: Converging and Diverging Experiences of Participating Communities

Andrew Kyei Agyare
Maria De Koning 531

Governance Assessment of Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Laos Leading to Innovative Solutions of Improved Shared Governance to Ensure Equitable and Effective Management With Limited Human and Financial Resources

Maria De Koning
Binta Ba Diaw 547

Nouvelle Démarche De Création Des Aires Marines Communautaires Protégées Au Sénégal Et Elaboration Participative De Leur Plan De Gestion

Binta Ba Diaw
Mukakamari Dancilla 2571

Success story on promoting gender and women empowerment for sustainable conservation of PA in Rwanda

Mukakamari Dancilla
Edgar Buhanga 1482

Transboundary Collaborative Natural Resources Management: A Case Study of the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC)

Edgar Buhanga
David Aron 1376

Using community based conservation programs as a means of meeting conversation goals and implementing National policy: A case study of the challenges and potential for implementation of a Landcare type program in Japan

David Aron
Rob Glastra 2048

Viability and best practice analysis of communities

Rob Glastra
Jon Day 1496

Workshop - 'Operationalising' Outstanding Universal Value to improve the effectiveness of World Heritage management and reporting

Jon Day