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Author Name Number Title
Paola Mejia 1160

'Experiencias de gestion adaptativa de sistemas de areas protegidas en Latino America: Integracion entre escalas y efectividad en conservacion'

Paola Mejia
Keith Martin 913

A Practical Strategy to Tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade: Using Ivory and Rhino Horn As Case Examples

Keith Martin
Konrad Wypychowski 709

Active conservation of waterfowl and waders in the Warta Mouth National Park through improvement of habitat conditions of their breeding, feeding, roosting and wintering sites. Wetlands Work Wonders

Konrad Wypychowski
Muhammad Zaheer Khan 1870

An Overview of Protected Areas of Pakistan and their Status

Muhammad Zaheer Khan
Nancy Lopez De Viles 2648

El Santuario de Flora y Fauna Galeras y su Apuesta con el Manejo al Interior del Santuario y el Ordenamiento de la Zona con Función Amortiguadora

Nancy Lopez De Viles
Babu Ram Lamichhane 763

How far are we to double tigers by 2022 in Nepal: Periodic assessment of tiger and preybase populations and other tiger conservation initiatives

Babu Ram Lamichhane
Axel Hochkirch 1953

How good is the coverage of Protected Areas for Invertebrate Conservation?

Axel Hochkirch
Robert Helie 725

Reporting on Protected Areas: the Canadian Experience and the Challenge of Tracking Aichi Target 11 Goals.

Robert Helie
Thea Carroll 1856

Rhino Conservation Successes and Challenges - A South African Perspective

Thea Carroll