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Author Name Number Title
Noelia Zafra-Calvo 420

Enhancing the Livelihoods of Local Communities and the Effectiveness of Conservation Through Local Strategies of Sustainable Use in African Community-Managed Protected Areas: the Ruvuma Landscape

Noelia Zafra-Calvo
Daniel Del Rio Franqueira 1841

Espacios Protegidos y Ordenación Territorial. Análisis Comparativo de Caso entre Galicia, Francia y Namibia

Daniel Del Rio Franqueira
Yitbarek Tibebe Weldesemaet 31

Implementing Conservation Projects by Empowering Adjacent Communities and Livelihood Security Strategies

Yitbarek Tibebe Weldesemaet
Victor Hugo Vazquez Moran 2184

Jaguar and People, A Peaceful Coexistence in A Wetland of Western Mexico

Victor Hugo Vazquez Moran
Luc Farago 1388

Joining the Dots - Biodiversity Links in Production Landscapes

Luc Farago
Jonathan Barnard 576

Sierra Leone's Gola Rainforest National Park improving livelihoods of 114 Forest Edge Communities

Jonathan Barnard
Alejandro Von Bertrab 1829

Training Session on Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services as a Tool to Raise Public Awareness about Protected Areas' Economic Values and to Help Increase their Financing

Alejandro Von Bertrab