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Author Name Number Title
Samuel Nguiffo 1851

Development of Extractives and Agribusiness Projects in Protected Areas in Cameroon: between Risks and Conflicts

Samuel Nguiffo
Angus M Robinson 1446

Geotourism - Inspiring A New Generation

Angus M Robinson
Sahondra Rabenarivo 391

Governance, resources, political will and partnership: the case of Madagascar's rosewood

Sahondra Rabenarivo
Carmen Miranda 1982

Impact of extractive industries in the Santa Cruz Region, Bolivia.

Carmen Miranda
Robert Mwinyihali 1268

Mainstreaming protected area solutions for mining and energy

Robert Mwinyihali
Grizelda Mayo-Anda 1784

Mining's Continuing Threat to the Philippines' Key Biodiversity Areas

Grizelda Mayo-Anda
Philippa Howard 1176

The coexistence of extractive industries within protected areas

Philippa Howard
Alex Kisingo 960

What is Required to Achieve both Conservation and Development Goals: Lessons Learnt from a Community-University Research Alliance on African and Canadian Protected Areas

Alex Kisingo