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Author Name Number Title
Kate Fitzherbert 1484

Biodiversity conservation through sustainable regional communities

Kate Fitzherbert
Michael Dine 1350

Case Study of a Viet Nam / Lao PDR Trans Boundary Protected Area Conservation Initiative

Michael Dine
Lisa Ford, Jo Day 1410

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wildlife Corridors in A Peri-urban Landscape

Lisa Ford, Jo Day
Patricia Erfurt-Cooper 2225

Geotourism: An Approach to raise Awareness about the Protection of Geodiversity and How to Achieve Conservation Goals through the Sustainable Use of Natural and Cultural Resources

Patricia Erfurt-Cooper
Graeme Elliott 760

Mast-timed predator control for protection of New Zealand birds

Graeme Elliott
Martina Di Fonzo 628

Prioritizing Management Effort for Threatened Species Conservation in Protected Areas

Martina Di Fonzo
Lorenzo Cattarino 1429

Spatial Prioritization of Conservation Management Actions to Improve Species Persistence: A Freshwater Case Study

Lorenzo Cattarino
Ruedi Haller 791

The joint ecological connectivity analysis and mapping initiative of the Alps

Ruedi Haller