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Author Name Number Title
Emma Doyle 2002

A Capacity Building Partnership for Increased MPA Management Effectiveness in the Caribbean

Emma Doyle
Marcos Coutinho 1343

Alternative strategies to achieve conservation goals in distinct Brazilian ecosystems

Marcos Coutinho
Doug Humann 119

Capacity development through training, education and research: A new collaboration for Australia, South-East Asia and Oceania

Doug Humann
Ana Laura Barillas Gómez 2140

El Fondo para Áreas Naturales Protegidas y su Contribución a las Metas Aichi

Ana Laura Barillas Gómez
Bruce Jefferies 419

Field-based Capacity Building for the Sustainable Management of Marine, Coastal and Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Pacific Island Countries

Bruce Jefferies
María Lucía Bartesaghi Villardino 1922

Integracion entre escalas en la planificacion y gestion del Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas de Uruguay

María Lucía Bartesaghi Villardino
Jorge Ahumada 2591

Measuring biodiversity outcomes through the Wildlife Picture Index: the Earth Insights partnership

Jorge Ahumada
Lorenzo J. De Rosenzweig 2169

Public-Private Partnerships and Public Use of Protected Areas

Lorenzo J. De Rosenzweig
Reuben de Kock 956

Reaching Conservation Goals by the training of the Field Ranger in Nature Conservation

Reuben de Kock
Naïk Faucon, Laure Vincent 852

TEMEUM: A Capacity-building Programme for Nature Professionals in the Overseas Territories. A French initiative in the Service of Ecoregional Cooperation

Naïk Faucon, Laure Vincent