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Author Name Number Title
Philippa Howard 1138

Applying the Mitigation Hierarchy with Companies to Reach Conservation Goals - Best Practice Biodiversity Management in Action

Philippa Howard
Kevin McCann 720

Biodiversity Stewardship - Investing in an innovative protected area expansion mechanism in South Africa

Kevin McCann
Alec Crawford 1100

Conservation and Peacebuilding: Tools and Practice

Alec Crawford
Emma Doyle 1006

Here's Why Models Are So Much Better Than Plans - the argument and practical evidence for sustainable tourism monitoring and adaptive management models

Emma Doyle
Nick Cox 2174

Inspiring Solutions for Developing Capacity

Nick Cox
Heini Kujala 2318

Integrating biodiversity assessment in multi-tenured regional planning: Three case studies in the application of decision support tools in Australian strategic assessments from Australia

Heini Kujala
Sonia Pena Moreno 383

Mainstreaming Biodiversity into National Plans: Protected Areas Case Studies

Sonia Pena Moreno
Sue Snyman 1668

Making the Protected Area Concession Work for the Communities

Sue Snyman
Alison Barnes 2426

Open for business 'naturally' - Delivering prosperity in the New Forest National Park

Alison Barnes