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Author Name Number Title
Federico Bovier 1136

Accessible Peninsula' Peninsula Valdes' innovative approach to engage disabled children in the conservation of its exceptional marine features listed as World Heritage

Federico Bovier
Aristide Takoukam Kamla 1621

Assessing the distribution of Marine mammals in Cameroon coastal areas

Aristide Takoukam Kamla
Daniel Catt 871

Catt-Trax: Using Online Technologies to Inspire a New Generation

Daniel Catt
Jessica Kendall 1492

Collective Impact Organising for Nature - broadening the base and breeding believers

Jessica Kendall
Tarun Kathula 1773

Conservation of fishing cat (Prionailurusviverrinus) with the support of Production Sectors in India

Tarun Kathula
Gabriel Mikhail 597

Ecomimicry at Valley of the Whales World Heritage Site, Egypt: Conservation and inspiration through progressive architecture and local engagement.

Gabriel Mikhail
Sophie-Dorothée Duron 1549

Educative Marine Area : a new model of (M)PA?

Sophie-Dorothée Duron
Grainne Cleary 516

The Great Koala Count 2014

Grainne Cleary
Hannah Pragnell-Raasch 506

Uniting the Global Voice of Scuba Divers to Reach Marine Conservation Goals

Hannah Pragnell-Raasch