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Author Name Number Title
Raphaëlle Dancette 642

Classifying social actors in protected area governance

Raphaëlle Dancette
Amir Hossein Khaleghi Hamidi 2317

Community involvement as the key solution for conservation in the Middle East: a case study form Golestan National Park, Iran

Amir Hossein Khaleghi Hamidi
Stuart Gold 1431

Conservation Partners Program - contributing to conservation goals through private land conservation.

Stuart Gold
Sera Blair 1355

Incorporating Community Attitudes in Decision Making to Improve Conservation Outcomes for Threatened Species in Victoria, Australia.

Sera Blair
Avi Holzapfel 178

It Takes A Village to Protect A Bird: Collaborative Conservation Action Planning in New Zealand

Avi Holzapfel
Dafne Domínguez 2732

Mecanismo de Administracion Conjunta para El Manejo Sostenible Del Turismo Comunitario en El Parque Nacional Mirador Río Azul Y El Biotopo Protegido Naachtun - Dos Lagunas

Dafne Domínguez
Steve Collins 325

The Makuleke's community owned Kruger National Park land. A 15 year assessment of benefits and challenges.

Steve Collins