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Author Name Number Title
Philip Dearden 968

Enhancing MPA network, coastal community and incentive-based conservation livelihood resilience to climate change in Thailand

Philip Dearden
Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere 2620

Human Rights and Conflict-sensitive climate strategies

Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere
Makamas Sutthacheep 2327

Identification and Management of Thermal Refugia in the Gulf of Thailand

Makamas Sutthacheep
Paola Fajardo 2280

Local Community-Based Sustainable Mangrove Forests Management and Carbon Sequestration Services: A Case Study in Marismas Nacionales Nayarit Biosphere Reserve on Mexico's Pacific Coast

Paola Fajardo
Javier A Gonzalez Leija 784

Management Of A Multiserial World Heritage Site UNESCO. The Case Of The Island And Marine Protected Areas In The Gulf of California, México.

Javier A Gonzalez Leija
Campbell Clarke 617

Mobilising landholders for conservation in the Wet Tropics

Campbell Clarke
Heather Keith 2485

Protecting Natural Ecosystems is the Best Form of Climate Change Mitigation in the Land Sector

Heather Keith
Polly Mitchell 1221

Putting Research to Work: the NSW Adaptation Research Hub aims to ensure the operationalization of climate change research outcomes to increase the ability of park and other land managers to respond and adapt to climate change impacts

Polly Mitchell
Susan White 2056

Removing Shipwrecks, Restoring Coral Reefs: Business and Government Overcoming the 'Predictably Unpredictable' Palmyra Atoll and Kingman Reef Wildlife Refuges in the Pacific Remote Islands Monument

Susan White
Anuradha Wickramasinghe 1134

Special Lagoon Mangement Plan: Integrating Mitigation and Adaptation Stratergies to Enhance the Resilience of the Pambala-Chilaw Mangrove Park and Its Adjacent Human Community to Climate Change

Anuradha Wickramasinghe
Luis Tito De Morais 807

Towards a climate resilent network of MPAs in the Eastern Central Atlantic

Luis Tito De Morais