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Author Name Number Title
Keith Muir 631

Appropriate Flood management versus the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Keith Muir
Daudi Sumba 1140

Experience of AWF in piloting Social Impact Investments for Conservation in Africa: the Case of African Wildlife Capital

Daudi Sumba
Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault 1768

Les services rendus par les agriculteurs aux écosystèmes sur le territoire des Parcs naturels régionaux : mesures agro-environnementales (mesures à obligation de résultats), concours prairies fleuries

Dominique Leveque, Loic Bidault
Philippa Walsh 1396

Midlands Conservation Fund: A shared approach to Protecting Grasslands in Tasmania

Philippa Walsh
Mariana Bellot 708

North American Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation for Wilderness and Protected Areas Conservation (NAWPA) - Valuing Ecosystem Services Working Group - Creating Tools That Educate Policymakers and the Public

Mariana Bellot
Ghanimat Azhdari 2526

Recognition of Nomadic Pastoralists' Territories as ICCA Using Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS) Towards Nature Conservation

Ghanimat Azhdari
Vance Martin 2038

The Nature Strategy for Sustainability - Supporting Human Life by Protecting & Interconnecting at Least Half of Wild Nature

Vance Martin
Harvey Johnston 1356

Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area: Ancient Landscapes, Modern Land Uses 1981- 2014

Harvey Johnston