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Author Name Number Title
Daan Wensing 2106

Area of the Future - bridging green and grey infrastructure

Daan Wensing
Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina 2128

Ecotourismo una Estrategia Para La Conservacion en Areas Protegidas, un Esfuerzo de Paas

Claudia Marcela Sánchez Medina
Samir Whitaker 799

Landscape Level Conservation of Critically Endangered Vultures - An Innovative NGO-Corporate Partnership in India

Samir Whitaker
Ayesha Tulloch 37

Planning for Mining Infrastructure Development Under Multiple Uncertainties: Accounting for Risk Helps Find More Certain Futures

Ayesha Tulloch
Susanne Schmitt 494

Protected Area Resilience: Promoting value creation and value protection in a globally significant asset class

Susanne Schmitt
Sue Snyman 1533

Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism on Local Communities Living in and Around Protected Areas

Sue Snyman
Kaye Walker 1256

Swimming With Whales in Tonga: A Case Study of Community Capacity Development Involving A Wild Species in A Protected Area

Kaye Walker
Michal Sokolowski 543

The case study - Trade-off among landscape protection and mobile telecommunication development in the buffer zone of Pieniny National Park, Poland

Michal Sokolowski