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Author Name Number Title
Ingrid Sieler 1320

Benchmarking Australasian parks - what have we learnt about effective management?

Ingrid Sieler
Lokeswara Rao 1201

Conservation of Amur Falcon in Nagaland, India

Lokeswara Rao
Dan Paleczny 486

Cooperative Planning and Management of Ni'iinlii'Njik (Fishing Branch) Protected Area in Yukon, Canada

Dan Paleczny
Noel Resurreccion 175

Critical Habitat Establishment: An Innovative Management Approach Beyond the Protected Areas System in the Philippines

Noel Resurreccion
Rustam Sagitov 1638

Experience of cross-border Finnish-Russian cooperation in salmon rivers restoration and establishment of protected areas

Rustam Sagitov
Scott Slocombe 930

Learning and Collaborating for Conservation Effectiveness: Lessons from the southwest Yukon

Scott Slocombe
Tran Tran, Rob Thomas 2929

Strange bedfellows: collaborative management and native title in Australia

Tran Tran, Rob Thomas
Mat Roberts 298

Total Contribution Reporting: Bringing social value to Natural Capital

Mat Roberts